Little’s President and CCO shares his thoughts on the big-ass mountain we’re all climbing together. We’ve got this:

When I am out biking, I can spend hours cruising along the roads, enjoying the fresh air and the freedom of being outside. Eventually there’s always a hill, and when I face it, I need to prepare myself for it. I know there’s no way around it and I can’t back down. I simply have to pedal hard, one revolution after another, until I make it to the top.

Right now, we are all facing a big hill, possibly several of them. And I’m here to tell you that we are going to get over this hill – and the view from the top will be worth it. We are going to come out of this stronger, hopefully more patient, and definitely more appreciative of the little things.

The only way to conquer this hill is to pedal up. It will not be easy. It probably won’t be fun. But we all need to dig deep within ourselves, find our strength, and keep pedaling. We’ll have to switch gears and go slower than we normally would. Slower, even, than we’ll want to. We’ll have to grind it out more, and each foot forward will be harder than it should be. Little by little, we will get to the top, and all that will be left is to cruise down to the safety of the flat road.

Have the confidence that you can make it up this hill – because you can. We can all do this. The hill isn’t going to move, but here’s the good news: it won’t be hard forever. Eventually we will get back to a flat road, cruising through the wind, breathing in the fresh air. It will feel great.

For now, it’s time to pedal up.