By Joe Cecere, President and CCO, Little


This morning, I heard a segment on Marketplace talking about how CEOs are optimistic about the future and 77% of those surveyed would consider re-evaluating their corporate purpose in order to sustain strong internal cultures, especially as changes to the ways we work are happening on an accelerated timeline. These shifts are so seismic and so fast that connecting employees and culture to these shifts shouldn’t be a consideration, it should be essential.

With so much change happening in the world around us, it has arguably never been more important for a company to have a strong, singular brand purpose. One that truly reflects your impact on society. One that unites all of your stakeholders around what you do to achieve that impact. One that encapsulates your purpose and reflects it from the inside out.

The world’s most powerful and valuable brands have nailed this concept. And it’s why Branding from the Inside Out is central to our branding philosophy at Little. It is critical for a company to authentically stand for something and do so in a way that recognizes and reflects the contributions of their most valuable brand champions (their employees) and tethers them to the company’s purpose, from the c-suite to the interns.

I would counter the survey respondents to say that you’re right to re-evaluate your company purpose, but there is no such thing as a corporate purpose. Your corporate purpose is your purpose. As CEOs, we are stewards of one brand, one vision and mission, one set of values. It is our north star, and our commitment to foster a culture that helps employees engage in who the brand is, what it stands for and why they are critical to its success.

It sounds like big changes are here, and the time to act is now.


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