Our founder and chair, Monica Little is known for inspiring design that works on a deeper level to solve problems, always asking for the “why” before the “what.” Fresh out of college, Monica wanted to make a name for herself among the male-dominated field of design. This young problem-solver didn’t just make a name for herself, she put her name on the door. More than 35 years later, her agency is still charging ahead in a very big way. Monica was thinking strategically before anybody realized that strategy had a place in the world of graphic design and her passion and insight has helped her become a notable thought-leader in the design community.

Monica always has the best interests in mind for those around her. Her personal mission is to inspire everyone to give back to the community. She dedicates a substantial amount of time to sharing her business acumen and philanthropic ideals with various nonprofit boards and committees. In fact, Monica’s passion for philanthropy is a huge part of her legacy at Little and has been the driving factor in our ongoing pro-bono work with organizations such as Way to Grow.

Monica holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). In 2012 she received an AIGA Fellow award from the Minnesota chapter.